How Will My Case Progress?

Can you tell me about how my case will progress? 
The Criminal Justice System seems very daunting to a person not familiar with it. There are several things to know that will make the process less unfamiliar.

If the government files charges against you, or you are indicted, your case will be set for an arraignment. The arraignment is the time when a plea of guilty or not guilty is entered. Fighter Law can handle the case for you so you will not have to be present.

After a not guilty is entered, two things usually happen. First, if the Employment lawyers for the accused requests to participate in Discovery, the government will furnish to the attorney names of all witnesses intended to be used by the government, police reports, and any statements made by the Accused or witnesses. Secondly, the case will be set for a pretrial, disposition hearing, or a status conference. These are the hearings where the Court is informed of the progress of the case, and whether more time is need to complete discovery, plea, or prepare for trial.

The case must be concluded at some point, and this occurs in several ways, Nol Prosequi, Dismissal, Plea, or Trial.

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