Ventura Dui Lawyer Driving Under The Influence in Ventura California

Driving under the influence (“DUI”) of alcohol in Ventura, California and other counties within the State of California is considered illegal if you have too much alcohol in your blood stream. It is illegal to drive with a blood alcohol level (“BAC”) that is 0.08% in Ventura, California for anyone at age 21 and up. For anyone under 21 the legal limit is 0.01%. Besides driving a car, DUI also applies to flying an airplane, riding a horse, cycling and boating. The first thing that should come to one’s mind is contact an experienced DUI Lawyer at who can help you to deal with your legal situation.

It is important to get good information on dealing with the situation. One of the biggest mistakes is lack of attention and information which usually leads to a suspended driver’s license, larger fines, and more complications. The first thing that should come to one’s mind is contact an experienced Ventura DUI Lawyer who can help you to deal with your legal situation. And not just any lawyer but a reputable one who deals with DUI cases often like drunken driving defense lawyer Mindy H. McQueen in Ventura, California.

An experienced DUI defense attorney in Ventura can often successfully contest these suspensions. However, it is absolutely critical that the accused or, preferably his or her attorney, contact DMW within 10 days of the arrest. Also keep in mind that although your breath or blood results may appear over the legal limit, it doesn’t make you’re guilty automatically. The law is concerned with what was your blood alcohol level at the time of driving but not at the time of test. Taking this into consideration, it could happen that your blood alcohol level may have been below legal limit during driving and then increased before test.

If you have been recently arrested for driving under the influence in that state of California in San Buena Ventrua – Ventura or around its surroundings such as Oxnard, Channel Islands Beach, Port Hueneme, West Village, Sierra Linda, Camarillo it is highly advised to contact DUI Lawyer Mindy H. McQueen. Being a criminal defense lawyer for more than two decades, Mindy has successfully resolved hundreds of drunken driving cases. Her recent victories include a dismissal of DUI with BAC of .15, no license suspension from DUI with BAC of .32 and many other reductions. Ms. McQueen will provide complete representation at all DMV hearings and will aggressively try to protect person’s driver’s license.

The information in this article is not, nor is it intended to be, legal advice. You should not rely on any information in this article for your own legal matter and should consult a Ventura DUI Lawyer for individual advice regarding your own situation.

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