Situations When You Need to Employ a Personal & Car Accident Lawyer

Sometimes there are incidents that could cause serious injury. While they might seem minor at first some might have long term emotional effects. Listed here are situations where you should think hard about employing a lawyer to help you get compensation for damages.

Dog Bites

Figures reveal that roughly 4.5 million individuals are bitten by dogs each year. About 1 in 5 will need medical assistance for dog related injuries. A few of the victims may even need reconstructive surgery. Children ages 5 to 9 are the most at risk.

Firstly, all dog bites should make you strongly consider taking a shot for rabies. It’s safer that way. Next, if the dog that bit you is a small breed like a Chihuahua chances are you won’t need a lot of medical help. If the dog is big such as a Rottweiler then you must strongly consider hiring a personal injury lawyer. Quite a few dog bites are usually on the face, which may lead to scars or require surgery. Additionally it could leave long term side effects like the fear of dogs. You can’t prosecute the dog, but you surely could sue the dog owner depending on the laws of the state.

Vehicle Accident

Assuming you aren’t the one responsible for the motor vehicle accident, you may claim payment for damages. After calling the cops during the accident call up a car accident lawyer straight away so that they can guide you on what steps to take.

If you are a victim of a hit-and-run you should call the cops and see if you possibly could catch the person. If a camera sites the car and can be identified it is possible to take legal action. Your medical bills, damages along with other expenses are usually part of the reparation at court. Additionally you might be able to make a claim with your insurance company.

When someone under the influence of alcohol or drugs causes major injury (spinal, brain damage or death) you should take immediate legal action. Besides the compensation for pain and suffering, medical bills, lost wages there’s a chance you are able to collect for other sorts of damages too.

Multi vehicle accidents are common. If you get injured in this accident even when it might seem minor at first you ought to seek reimbursement. Even a slight neck injury could get worse after a while and incur huge medical bills. If you have been very seriously injured or a loved one was killed ask your Torrance car accident lawyer for assistance immediately.

Truck accidents are terrible. You are fortunate if you don’t get injured or killed in a truck accident. Often, many motorists are involved in fatal accidents with trucks. If your accident includes neck, back or brain injury, or paralysis you should seriously consider getting an attorney.


Other kinds of mishaps involve negligence. Usual litigation on medical practice is caused by negligence. Wrong dosage, medication, patient allergic to certain medicine –whatever aggravating circumstance you suffered from, a personal injury attorney will allow you to get the justice you are entitled to.

Maximising Quantum In Personal Injury Cases: A Physio’s Role

Solicitors and other legal professionals could do a lot worse when trying to find an expert witness than call upon an experienced physio. When it comes to an understanding of the process of rehabilitation of soft tissue injuries, physiotherapists should be the experts of choice. Their hands-on knowledge of diagnosis, recovery rates and treatment costs gives them an advantage when it comes to assessing quantum and outcome. And their charges are generally less than those of GPs and orthopaedic surgeons!

Traditionally, personal injury cases involve a report from an orthopaedic consultant or general practitioner to help establish the nature of the medical condition and its causation and prognosis. An experienced clinical physiotherapist can offer a complete understanding of the whole process from first injury right the way through to recovery. Armed with this knowledge, a more thorough and wide-ranging report can be provided that will accurately reflect the extent and timing of patient recovery  essential when considering issues of quantum and future care costs.

Soft tissue injuries are injuries not involving bony damage such as fractures. They are often incurred as a result of whiplash or repetitive strain and, as the name implies, only involve damage to muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia and nerves. The damage is usually invisible on x-rays and scans and can be detected only by skilled examination. Torn muscles, ligaments, nerves and cartilages may require a surgeon’s skills. But once this primary care has been administered, the client will invariably be referred to a physiotherapist. A physiotherapist can provide specific and individually tailored treatment aimed at assisting the body’s natural healing and restoring full function.

Examples of relevant soft tissue injuries include:

  • Tendonitis  
  • Tenosynovitis  
  • Muscle strains  
  • Lifting injuries  
  • Lower back pain  
  • Epicondylitis  
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome  
  • Whiplash injuries  
  • Work-related upper limb disorders.

When examining issues of quantum and future costs, it is essential that a lawyer at receives the whole picture: the exact nature of the injury, detail of treatment, likelihood of full recovery, timing of recovery, and an indication of future care costs, if any. An experienced physiotherapist in clinical practice has a wealth of relevant expertise. A clinical physiotherapist is usually involved with a patient from presentation of the injury through to the end of rehabilitation.

Treatment can be broadly divided into four stages:

  1. Conducting a detailed specific examination to identify the body structures damaged and any loss of function.
  2. Devising a treatment program.
  3. Implementing the treatment program.
  4. Seeing the patient through to the end of rehabilitation hopefully back to normality’.

The hands-on’ nature of the patienttherapist relationship, plus the inevitably regular patient contact, give physiotherapists an enormous advantage when it comes to diagnosing and treating a complex soft tissue injury. In addition, the wealth of knowledge relating to rates of recovery from the various soft tissue injuries means that when it is applied to cases requiring an evaluation of quantum and likelihood of recovery, the lawyer receives an opinion from an expert with an understanding of the whole rehabilitation process.

Client history: Any comprehensive account of the background to an injury (particularly where it is work-related) should include information about the claimant’s regular daily activities, whether in a work environment or home situation. A physiotherapist is accustomed to observing and assessing the impact of a client’s environment on his or her injury. This is an essential consideration when seeking to restore full function.

Case example: Mr T had been using an improvised workstation and subsequently incurred severe soft tissue injuries. The physiotherapist identified how the postural stresses on the body had resulted in the patient’s symptoms. Excruciating pain along the spine  relieved only by lying flat  and severe pain and tenderness of the forearms were the consequence of sitting, as shown, for 3 months of intensive work on a laptop.

Client examination: Soft tissue injuries are difficult to assess accurately, with x-rays and scans rarely providing useful evidence. Even nerve conduction tests are of little value when assessing damage to nerves subjected to excessive stress. What is required is an evaluation of any adverse mechanical tension within the nervous system which may be restricting movement.

Physiotherapists are used to palpating and testing specific structures within the body to diagnose exactly what has been damaged, i.e. whether it is a tendon, a tendon sheath, muscle, fascia, a nerve or any combination of these. A physiotherapist can help in differentiating between whether the client’s condition is constitutional and has been aggravated by work or trauma, or is caused by work or trauma.

There is a growing acknowledgement of the need for a biopsychosocial assessment when examining people, and this is the approach traditionally taken by a physiotherapist. Social history and status, mental and emotional states, as well as working situation and lifestyle, can all contribute to how the patient reacts to and copes with symptoms.

There are many standard tests that can help with the assessment of the physical condition. One such example is the straight leg raise. The test involves the patient lying comfortably relaxed on his back. The examiner places one hand under the Achilles tendon and the other above the knee. The leg is lifted perpendicular to the bed, with the hand above the knee preventing any knee bend. The leg should be lifted as a solid lever moving at a fixed point in the hip joint.

This is a simple biomechanical test that has been recognised for hundreds of years as a way of identifying lumbar spine (lower back) problems. However, it is of limited value only. When the leg is lifted in the manner described, many structures move  the hamstring muscles, the lumbar spine, the hip and sacro-iliac joints and fascia, as well as the nerves. Pathology of any of these structures may affect the client’s reaction to the test.

An experienced physiotherapist will combine such tests with detailed palpation and observation of functional movements to arrive at the all-important specific diagnosis. In addition, the patient’s posture and manner of movement will be analysed and the results added to the overall assessment.

Case example: Mrs B was secretly videoed by an insurance company while shopping. A physiotherapist was able to identify how the client had become so used to coping with her injuries that she avoided a lot of the normal, potentially painful, actions employed by other women shopping, e.g. standing upright with arms by her side most of the time, avoiding heavy or bulky items, loading carrier bags lightly, and using both hands to carry each bag.

Expert opinion: An experienced clinical physiotherapist possesses an unrivalled knowledge and comprehension of how the body works under normal conditions and when coping with a disability or soft tissue injury. With regular and prolonged experience of treating soft tissue injuries, a physiotherapist can offer a valuable and meaningful opinion about all aspects of treatment and recovery.

Prognosis: An essential component of any medico-legal report is a prediction of future developments on a balance of probabilities basis. A clinical physiotherapist sees large numbers of similar injuries from first contact through to recovery, and can thus give a reasoned prognosis based on experience. This should include the likelihood and anticipated timing of resolution, the need for further treatment and any possible long-term disability.

Conclusion: A physiotherapist can bring a unique and valuable perspective in any personal injury case involving a soft tissue injury. Experience of patients from first injury right through to recovery gives such specialists the widest professional knowledge when it comes to assessing future treatment and costs thereof, and arming the lawyer with the necessary detail to fully assess quantum.

Choosing The Best Personal Injury Lawyer

If the negligence of an individual harmed you, all you would like is to recover and to get on with your usual life. A professional personal injury lawyer can help you with this, but you need one that comprehends you and is really interested into doing it. There are personal injury attorneys whose fees are based on the hours spent on the case and others who work on a contingency basis.

Thus, they charge you a certain percentage of your agreement, frequently one third. This might appear a little too much, but the truth is that if they don’t obtain a good settlement, they won’t earn anything. This means that all the efforts they did while inspecting, verifying, questioning and reading through public records will be worthless. And usually, that is the reason why you can be sure that if a lawyer accepts your case, he/she will triumph in court. It is very important to study the market and to talk to several personal injury lawyers previous to choosing one. If there is no possibility for you to deal with the research, numerous attorneys will agree to come wherever you need them to. Once you get to talk to them, investigate how successful they are, how big the agreements they have gotten are and check their recommendations.

In case you want to save some money, choose a lawyer who deals with all the costs that are implicated such as the ones with witnesses, medical records, depositions and filings. If these expenses won’t be covered by him, it means your case isn’t very important for him. These expenses can end up costing you an arm and a leg. While discussing the fees with your lawyer, it is recommended to write some aspects. Then, analyze them and see if everything has been included. There were numerous situations of contracts featuring concealed charges and of clients getting really low payments after the trial.

The reality is that more than 50% of the amount was wasted on expenses and then the lawyer took his 1/3 contingency fee. Investigate if the lawyer you want to hire is a successful one. Check whether he was a certain experience in this field. You can opt for a lawyer who has experience in auto accident cases or for one who deals with negligence cases. Always decide on New York personal injury law firm who has experience and good recommendations. It is not a good idea to make your decision based on a commercial you saw on TV. Regularly, these attorneys concentrate on obtaining a lot of cases, but they don’t concentrate on solving them. What’s more, those attorneys who contact you without being asked to are not reliable.

They are referred to as “ambulance chasers” and they won’t bring you the desired settlement. If you are interested in winning this case, go for an upstanding and truthful injury lawyer that will do everything in your best interest. Speaking with other persons who are familiar with your case due to their experience can really help you out.

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What Are The Stats In This DUI Law Case?

It’s estimated that 1 in 3 drivers will get a DUI in their lifetime. That means that criminal defense lawyers and prosecutors are constantly fighting for drivers accused of DUI. When you have someone accused of a crime, it’s important to understand the stats in this DUI law case. In March of this year, a 30-year-old man from Charleston, SC was arrested for DUI after crashing his car into a tree. The man was driving 83 mph in a 50 mph zone when he crashed into the tree. He was subsequently charged with DUI and felony driving under the influence. If you are arrested for DUI, it is important to know the stats in this particular case. According to South Carolina law, a person is considered impaired if they have blood alcohol levels of .08 or greater. If convicted of DUI, the man could face up to five years in prison and a $5,000 fine.

Possible Sentencing Options in a DUI Case

When facing a DUI charge, the potential penalties can be very serious. In some cases, a DUI conviction can lead to jail time, fines, and a criminal record. However, there are many different sentencing options available to the court in a DUI Law case. This article explores some of the possible sentencing options in a DUI case, and what might result from each option. On the night of September 3, 2016, 28-year-old Ashley Marie Kuzminski was driving home from a night of drinking with friends in her car. She blew a .095 on a breathalyzer test and was subsequently arrested for DUI. Kuzminski is currently fighting the charges, alleging that she was improperly arrested and that the Breathalyzer machine was not accurate. According to her lawyer, Kuzminski had no idea how intoxicated she was at the time of her arrest and should have only been charged with a .086 blood alcohol level. 

What are the Stats In This DUI Law Case?

This DUI case has a lot of legal implications for the defendant. Here is a breakdown of the key stats in this case:

  • The defendant was arrested for driving under the influence in California.
  • The defendant was charged with a felony DUI and could face up to six months in jail and a $1,000 fine.
  • If convicted, the defendant could also lose their drivers license for at least one year.
  • The main points of evidence in this case are blood alcohol content (BAC) readings and police officer testimony.
  • Based on these stats, it is important to hire experienced mankato dwi attorney if you are facing this charge. A lawyer can help you defend your rights and make sure that you receive a fair trial.


As you may have guessed, this article is focused on the DUI case of John Doe. In it, we will be looking at some of the key stats that are relevant to the case and how they might impact your decision-making. We hope that by examining these stats, we can provide you with a better understanding of what is happening in this particular case and help you make an informed decision about whether or not to support John Doe’s defense.

Finding a Personal Injury Lawyer in Los Angeles

Accidents have become a daily occurrence which happens due to the carelessness of some people. Due to these accidents many people are injured and properties are damaged and one of the main questions that will raised by people is “Whose fault was that accident?” In many cases the fault will be because of others carelessness and when we are sure that is someone’s fault then for the injuries or losses they will have to pay the compensation. Personal injury lawyers in Murrieta, CA can be very helpful for you in making you get the compensation which you should get.

Personal injury is an injury which is done to a person by another person. Whatever might be the type of injury; whether it is physical, emotional, monetary or discriminatory it will be considered as injury on the whole. Personal injury cases can happen because of the cases like workplace injuries, motorcycle accidents, products liability, brain injuries, dog bites, burns, etc. which are caused by a person to another. A Personal Injury might also be a disastrous physical or mental injury which will be a result of using any unsecured products or working in unstable conditions which is very threat-full or any other wrong conduct.

A personal injury lawyer has a duty of ensuring their clients that they will receive fair and justified compensations, governmental agencies and other organizations for paying a pay closer attention for the safety and well-being of their clients and constituents. The main duty of a personal injury lawyer is to search for the monetary compensations which will be caused for the damages which have done including the medical cost or hospital cost, loss of work earnings(if there is any serious issues), future plans.

It is the person who will be solely responsible for this accident which makes him to be reliable for all the losses and damages that are occurring due to their fault. If anyone is injured because of using a product which has left the manufacturer’s hands in a defective or dangerous condition then they may be able to recover the resulting damages from the manufacturer who is liable for this products-liability-based personal injury suit. Products liability law will always be based on the responsibility of a manufacturer of goods for compensating the users of the goods for injuries caused by their defective or dangerous products.

If it is any bite problems like if you is bite of attacked by any animal then it is a serious thing. If it is a pet then the owners will have to pay compensation to the person injured due to their pets. If you are a victim of a serious personal injury, emotional distress or physical damage, then you should know the appropriate steps to take in order to protect your legal rights. Finding a Los Angeles Lawyer is not that easy you should be very experienced and effective is not that easy. All you have to do is you should choose a lawyer who can be a sole responsibly for making you getting the compensation that you should get.

The Role Of A Personal Injury Lawyer

A personal injury lawyer is a professional who is dedicated to the welfare of the injured persons. A lawyer will usually fight for your rights; stand up for you in every way permitted by the law to ensure your fair treatment and the right amount of compensation. Personal injury cases are normally unique; your personal injury settlement will be dependent on your particular circumstances.

When you are involved in a car accident or suffer a personal injury, your world dramatically changes. You suffer physical, emotional as well as financial injury. In these hard times, personal lawyers at will be there for you in every possible way. They will help you through the healing process and see you recover and assume a better quality life. Personal injury lawyers are very important in your life, since without them your might not get what you deserve. Many people have lost everything just because their insurance company would not compensate them.

A disability lawyer will again stand up for your rights and see to it that you are compensated fairly. When you are suffering you are not at your best, you need the steady, compassionate advice of a professional to assist you in navigating your way to fair and equitable resolution of your claim. A personal injury lawyer will offer you legal advice because they are experts in this field so they know how the process works.

Well, it is possible for you to make applications yourself, but this is not advised because an ordinary person does not have the expertise that is required in order to win a case. This is where a lawyer comes in, to represent you throughout the case. The personal injury lawyer will help you to apply for the insurance. Another important thing a lawyer will do is gathering all the necessary documents such as medical reports. It is the responsibility of a lawyer to file the application. For social security benefits, you will be needed to make an application too. Your lawyer will handle everything for you. Most of the applications are denied. In this case, your attorney will assist you with the appeal and hearing process. Therefore, having a personal injury lawyer assisting you will shorten the procedure.

Choosing an attorney to work with is something to be taken seriously. This is because it is vital for you to work with someone that you are comfortable with. Your personal lawyer has to have your best interests in mind through the entire process. For you to hire the best personal injury lawyer you need some tips on how to go about it. Before hiring a lawyer his previous records should be checked. His credibility can be reviewed through the number of cases he has done and his success ratio. Even details such as time taken to resolve previous cases should be looked into. Another very important issue, which should be clarified before finalizing is asking him about his fee structure. Then finally, a written retainer agreement should be taken from the personal injury lawyer so that no clashes arise later.

Car Accident Lawyer Seattle Drive Tension Free

Car Accident Lawyer Seattle can provide you with assistance in your crisis. You will have to face a lot of problems if you somehow got caught up in an accident. Car Accident Lawyer Seattle is a complete answer to every crisis of yours. They will be there with you no matter how complex the situation turns and will aid you in defending your privileges near to utmost and will secure your cause, this is the basic motive of the Car Accident Lawyer Seattle.

Seattle is amongst one of the most traffic wise congested city in United States. So it is not very abnormal to have frequent accident in these types of cities any person who has to come to Seattle regularly knows this fact of congested traffic very well. So in such a congested city, it is very natural that you come across accidents on the road and it would not be a wonder to others, if you witness an accident yourself. In such a critical situation Car Accident Lawyer Seattle are the toughest options who will assist you in all these legal matters.

The statistical record says that accidents are more frequent these days because people drive vehicles at a very high speed on traffic free roads and highways. So, one cannot expect oneself to be very safe after facing accident at such a high speed. Severe injuries are a normal factor in these accidents. The most harassing part that follows accident is the claim for insurance money. This claiming part is so harassing that you will have to appoint a lawyer for you who will look after all these legal parts and will ensure maximum benefit to you. The slip and fall attorney in Long Island are a an expert in this kind of cases and you can just relax after giving the responsibility to them.

How to Manage Relationships With Your Ex Following a Divorce

When a couple gets divorced with no children, it is quite possible they will never have to talk to each other again, aside from running into each other on occasional events with mutual friends.   However, if a couple has minor children together, the court case may be over, but the former spouses will have to deal with each other for many years to come.

Some couples do not handle this well. They spend years warring over every detail of child custody, support and other matters.

But it often does not have to be this way if each person commits to treating each other with respect, both as individuals and as co-parents. According to a recent news article from Huffington Post, newly-divorced couples have a chance at a second relationship through their efforts to co-parent. While this new relationship is not the kind of intimate relationship seen during a good marriage, it is still based on a type of love, according to the author of this article.

When most people get divorced, they tend to spend much of the time they are not with their children thinking about what they did wrong, and how they wish they could be there for their children. However, if they spend the time they have with their children being the best parent they can be, and spend the time they are not thinking of the good times they had with their children and focusing on their own lives, then they are doing exactly what they are supposed to do. In other words, they are being there for their children and contributing half of what it takes to raise the kids while the other spouse is doing the same.

The author also suggests that if you realize this person loved you enough to have family with you at one point, you still enjoy that love without being in a relationship by working to be a good parent.

Our divorce attorneys at understand that, while this may be too much for many newly divorced parents to handle and find the joy in this new type of the relationship with their ex-spouse, it does show that not every divorced couple has to constantly be engaged in a battle with each other over issues pertaining to child custody and child support.

First, with respect to child support, if you consult with an experienced family law attorney, you are likely to get a far better outcome in terms of child support payments than if you choose to represent yourself. While people decide it will be cheaper to represent themselves during their divorce, it often ends up costing far more money that it would have to have an attorney in the long run with years of child support payments that are too high to make each month and a child custody arrangement that is far more favorable to your former spouse.

It is also important to understand that the more you can work out with your former spouse in terms of child support and child custody, the better your relationship will be with your children and your former spouse. Contrary to what many people seem to believe, making negative remarks about your child’s other parent to the child will not help anyone.

What Brain Injury Lawsuits Mean For Insurance Coverage

As the population ages, so too does the number of people who are injured in car accidents or fall victim to other accidents. In fact, according to the National Safety Council, an estimated 1.5 million Americans suffer a traumatic brain injury (TBI) each year. This is a serious injury that can cause long-term problems, such as difficulty with memory and concentration, impaired speech, and problems with movement and balance.

Brain injury lawsuits in the U.S.

Brain injury lawsuits are on the rise in the United States, and this has big implications for insurance coverage. The main reason for this increase is that brain injuries are now considered a type of “non-occupational” injury, which means that they can qualify for workers’ compensation benefits. In addition, brain injuries are often considered to be “serious” injuries, which mean that they can lead to significant financial damage if they occur in a lawsuit. There are a number of things to keep in mind if you are involved in a brain injury lawsuit:

  • Your insurance company may not cover all of your losses in a lawsuit. This is because brain injuries are considered to be “non-occupational” injuries, which means that they do not typically fall within the coverage parameters of most insurance policies. If your insurer does not cover all of your losses, you may be able to seek reimbursement from the other party involved in the lawsuit.
  • You may be able to receive benefits from both workers’ compensation and insurance companies if you are injured as a result of workplace negligence. This is because Brain Injury Lawsuits can often result from activities.

How brain injury lawsuits work

Brain injury lawsuits work a little differently than other kinds of lawsuits. Generally, when someone files a lawsuit, they are asking the court to order a specific action to be taken. With brain injury lawsuits, the plaintiff is asking the court to declare that they have been injured and that their injury was caused by the defendant’s actions. This makes Brain Injury Lawsuits unique, as they are not purely legal proceedings. Once a plaintiff has filed a brain injury lawsuit, the defendant will likely file a response. In this response, the defendant will likely argue that the plaintiff was not actually injured and that their injuries were caused by something else. The defendant may also argue that the plaintiff’s injuries were not caused by the defendant’s actions. If the court decides that the plaintiff was injured and that their injury was caused by the defendant’s actions, then it will likely order damages to be paid to the plaintiff.

Are brain injury lawsuits worth it?

Brain injuries can be devastating and leave people with physical and emotional scars. Although there is no single answer to whether or not a person should file a brain injury lawsuit, the decision may depend on a variety of factors, including the severity of the injury, the victim’s medical history, and the insurance coverage available to them. If you are considering filing a brain injury lawsuit, it is important to understand the potential risks and benefits of doing so.
Contact Torrance brain injury attorney for better understand.

The Impact Of Family Law On Divorce And Child Custody

Family law is an intricate and complex topic, affecting the lives of many people. In this article, we will explore some of the key aspects of family law and how they impact divorce and child custody. We will also provide some tips on how to navigate these complicated legal waters. Divorce is one of the most common civil actions in the United States and can have a wide-ranging impact on the lives of both divorcing spouses and their children. Family law can involve everything from property division to child custody and visitation rights. If you are considering a divorce, it is important to understand the various aspects of family law and how they may impact your case. 

How family law affects divorce and child custody

Divorce is a big deal. It can be a tumultuous time for both spouses and their children. Family law plays a big role in divorces, and can have a significant impact on custody arrangements and child support payments. Here are few facts about Family Law and Divorce that will help you understand the impact it has on divorce and child custody:

  • Family law affects divorces in different ways depending on the state in which the divorce takes place. In some states, such as California, marriage is no longer a prerequisite for a divorce, so family law rulings may be different than what you would expect in other states.
  • Custody arrangements are one of the most important aspects of family law in divorces. The courts will often award custody of the children to the mother or father based on their respective parenting skills and strengths. In some cases, joint custody may be awarded where both parents share equally responsibilities for the child. If only one parent can provide a stable home for the child, that parent may be awarded sole custody.
  • Child support is another important aspect of family law in divorces. This money is paid by the breadwinner (the spouse who earns more money) to the breadwinner’s spouse or partner.

The impact of family law on families

The Family Law and Divorce system can have a significant impact on divorce and child custody. This is due to the fact that family law deals with issues such as property ownership, child custody, visitation, and more. Family law can be complex and confusing, which is why it is important to have an experienced lawyer help you navigate through the system.

How to navigate through family law terrain

When contemplating divorce or child custody, it is important to have an understanding of the different types of family law Montgomery County PA. This article will discuss the different types of family law, their impact on divorce and child custody, and how to navigate through the terrain. Family law can be broken down into three categories: criminal law, civil law, and family law. Criminal law deals with matters such as murder, rape, and assault. Civil law deals with relationships between people- such as marriage, divorce, estate planning, and child custody. Family law deals with issues that arise within families- such as child custody and visitation.