Georgia trucking company partially responsible for crash in 2005

Being seriously injured in a michigan motor vehicle accident can be devastating. For one woman, a truck accident left her with serious brain injuries that have impacted her memory. But she has lost so much more.

The accident occurred more than five years ago. The woman had been traveling home from Georgia with her boyfriend when a dimly lit truck made a u-turn on the highway. It was early in the morning and the woman’s boyfriend likely did not see the truck in time. Their vehicle crashed into the side of the logging truck.

As a result, the woman’s boyfriend was injured; he recovered fully. But the woman sustained serious injuries that left her in a coma for more than a month. She was 17 years old at the time of the accident. Since then, she has been recovering from the injuries and has come a long way.

But even with her recovery, she still requires 24-hour supervision and long-term care. And beyond the physical impact the accident had, she has also had to deal with emotional suffering. Her boyfriend at the time was the man she thought she would marry. But since the accident, he has moved on with his life without her. And now she has to rely on her family to take care of her while she continues to recuperate.

The stein law group car accident lawyers lawsuit surrounding the accident came to a close when a jury determined that the truck driver was negligent and mostly responsible for the accident. The jury awarded a multi-million dollar settlement to the woman and her family for medical expenses and pain and suffering.

Though the woman and her family will forever be affected by the accident, they are all hopeful that she continues to recover.

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