Advice From Florida Personal Injury Attorneys

Being injured in any kind of accident is always upsetting, but these tips from personal injury¬†Attorneys can protect your rights. If you’re injured while walking, running or simply doing some errands in Florida, personal injury attorneys can help you get the compensation necessary to treat your injuries, pay your bills while you are missing work and even get you punitive damages for your pain and suffering.

Proving that an accident, particularly a slip and fall accident, can be tricky unless you have an excellent attorney and plenty of evidence to back up your claim. Many people who are injured on someone else’s property don’t realize how crucial it is to get the ball rolling as quickly as possible and to get together important information before too much time passes.

Some of the top Florida personal injury attorneys have put together tips on what to do if you are hurt in a slip and fall or tripping accident. Following these tips may mean the difference between winning a settlement or court ordered award and losing your case, including losing the cash you need to take care of yourself and your family while you recover. Keeping these tips in mind is the best way you can help any Florida personal injury attorney help you.

  1. Contact anyone who may be responsible: Any time you’re hurt, even if it seems minor at the time, you should notify whoever owns the property, whether it’s a homeowner, a business or a public building. If you’re at a business, be sure to fill out an incident report and sign it. They will usually be happy to give you the paper work needed for this because it protects both sides in the event of a lawsuit. An incident report should be clearly marked with the date and time the accident occurred, along with details of what happened. Describe the problem that caused you to be injured in detail. Was the floor wet? Were the stairs unstable? Did the rug get caught on the door, causing you to fall? Was the lighting insufficient for you to see an obstacle in your path? Record all of this information. Also indicate what might be wrong with you, such as you twisted your ankle, you have a deep cut that may require stitches, etc. Be sure, however, to also indicate that you’re going to seek medical care.
  1. See a doctor or go to the ER immediately: Florida personal injury attorneys know that it’s crucial to see a doctor as soon as possible. Obviously, you want to take care of your health, and you may have sustained an injury that isn’t obvious from looking at you. Internal injuries can be dangerous, as can a concussion. Don’t take any chances with your health. A visit to the doctor will also ensure that you and your Florida personal injury attorney have clear records of what injuries were a direct result of the accident. Accurate medical records are extremely important if you do file a lawsuit. By seeking medical care right away, it will be easier to prove the direct correlation between the incident and your injuries.
  1. Make sure you get witness information: If someone is with you at the time of the accident, ask him or her to talk to any witnesses while you seek medical attention. Get names, addresses, phone numbers and, if possible, email addresses. Explain that you may have one of your Florida personal injury attorneys contact them to determine what they saw. Their testimony may be very important if the person or company you are suing disputes your version of what happened.

  2. Take pictures: You don’t have to have professional shots with a high tech camera. Simply snap a few quick pictures with your cell phone, especially if your injury was caused by an easily remedied problem such as water or a rug that was bunched up. If you have a friend with a good digital camera, ask them to take pictures of anything that isn’t easily fixed, such as broken pavement.

  3. Don’t delay getting a lawyer: There are many Florida personal injury attorneys who specialize in these kinds of accidents. If you’re lucky, you’ll never be hurt in an accident that results in financial hardship or emotional and physical damage, but if you do, Florida personal injury attorneys can get you proper compensation for your injuries.

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