Pennsylvania worker killed in Pepsi warehouse accident

Injuries that happen in the workplace can be sudden and overwhelming. You may feel frustrated and unsure of how to handle the situation or what your rights are. Workplace accidents can cause serious injury and, in the worst situations, even death. Two men from Pennsylvania were involved in a recent Florida warehouse accident that left one injured and the other dead. A Lawyer for workers compensation will fight on behalf of you.

At a Pepsi bottling warehouse in Tampa, Florida, one contract worker was killed and another injured when an automated lift machine fell onto them from 20 feet above. Both men are reportedly from Pennsylvania. Maintenance was being performed on the machine when the accident occurred early in the morning.

Tampa Fire Rescue found one man dead under the machine, and the other had suffered serious injuries to his legs. He was transported to Tampa General Hospital for treatment. Also if you need any advocacy about family law, contact North Carolina divorce lawyer.

The machine that fell was used for the storage and retrieval of products. There are usually no people in the area when it is operating.

Officials notified the Occupational Safety and Health Administration of the accident. It is unclear whether charges have been pressed.

When a loved one is injured or killed in a workplace accident, it can be difficult to cope with. Workers and their families expect employers to provide safe working environments, but unfortunately, not all of them take necessary measures to ensure workers’ safety. Best criminal lawyers Montgomery county PA understand how complex workers’ compensation and wrongful death cases can be. Strong cases can be built to help victims obtain compensation.

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